Plenary Speech

Professor B N Biswas

Professor B N Biswas

About the Speaker

Calcutta University Gold Medalist, Foundation Fellow WBAST, Fellow IETE, Emeritus Fellow AICTE, Best Citizen Recognition. Formerly, National Lecturer (UGC) .Professor B N Biswas’s name appeared in the Who's Who in the World, 30th Pearl Anniversary Edition 2012. International Biographical Centre, Great Britain has recognized Professor B N Biswas as one of the top 100 Engineers and Educators of the World – 2013 and has included Professor B N Biswas among 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century. . Received life time achievement awards (VEDA and IEEE Kolkata Chapter .

Professor B N Biswas has been awarded COSMIC Lifetime Research Excellence Award for contribution in the field of Education and Research, awarded at AETM-2017, Bangkok, Thailand on 6th January 2017; nominated Editor-in-Chief of COSMIC group of journals; Citation index of Prof. B N Biswas has reached 249 with RG (Research Gate) Index 31.30(90.0% higher than other RG members). COSMIC Award for contribution in the field of education and applied research, awarded at AETM-2015, Bangkok, Thailand 2015. Received life time achievement awards (VEDA and IEEE Kolkata Chapter). Prof. Biswasorganised a Special Session, Commission D, URSI, Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel, Seoul, Korea, on August 21-25, 2016. Delivered Invited talk on “Studies on Reflex Klystron”, National Conference on Materials, Devices and Circuits in Communication Technology, (MDCCT)organised jointly by IETE Burdwan Sub-Centre and department of Physics, University of Burdwan on 19-20 February, 2016; Keynote speaker and invited Talk on “Reflex Klystron is an oscillator and is an oscillator”, International Conference on Microelectronics, Computing and Communication (MicroCom 2016), Dept. of ECE, NIT Durgapur, published online in IEEE Xplore, on January 23-25, 2016; Invited Talk on “On a Revisit to Reflex Klystron”, International Conference on Microwave and Photonics ICMAP-2015, organized by ISM Dhanbad on 11-13 December, 2015, published online in IEEE-Xplore; Delivered inaugural speech at AETM-2017 held at Bangkok, Thailand on 6th January 2017; delivered invited lectures in two different occasion at NIT Durgapur_Microwave and Antenna Techniques during 23 – 27 June, 2014 and Electromagnetic Theory and Applications (EMTA) held during July 08 - 12, 2015 (Above were TEQI and II sponsored one week workshop); delivered invited talk on “OPTOELECTRONIC OSCILLATOR - A wonderful fusion of Electronics and Photonics”, delivered at NIT Patna on May 30th to June 3rd, 2016,under a TEQIP sponsored short term course on “Microwave Wireless Components for Transmitter and Receiver Systems”; Invited to organize a special session in the 37th PIERS in Sanghai, CHINA on 8-11 August, 2016; Invited by Professor D V Giri, General Co-Chair and Technical Programme Chair of ASEAN-2017 at Bangalore to be held in June 2017 to present papers on Microwave oscillations; Inaugural speech delivered during seminar on “Science for Nation Building”, organized by ChandernagoreKanailalVidyamandir (French section) on 6th Nov, 2015; Inaugural talk to B. Tech students of University of Engineering and Management (UEM) on 9th October 2015. PhD thesis awarded to Abhijit Banerjee (Title: optical phase locked loop for remote carrier signal generation and optical reception submitted atInstitute of radio physics and electronics, university of Calcutta. Date: Nov. 2014) under his guidance; Two faculty members of other colleges have submitted thesis to Jadavpur University under his guidance(1.Basab Chatterjee,thesis submitted to Jadavpur University on 29/06/2016 Title: Studies On Digital Phase Locked Loop. 2. SurjadeepSarkar (Mobile :9433207086 “On the modifications of digital phase lock loop”Submitted on May, 2016). Visiting Faculty, University of Minnesota (USA); Invited Lectures (UK) under the Auspices of British Council;. On invitation delivered lectures at: University of Pisa (Italy), University of Bath (UK), University of Kyoto (Japan), University of Okayama (Japan) Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech R), University of Erlangen (W Germany), Electro-Communication University of Osaka (Japan), KMTL, Bangkok, National University of Singapore, Singapore. Member Commissions C, D and E, International Union of Radio Science (URSI); Overseas Member, Advisory Committee, Microwave Photonics, URSI Member for the Committee for Developing Country

22 (twenty two) Ph D’s, supervising six researchers for Ph.D’s. 255 (two hundred twenty five) Publications in IEEEs and other referred journals ,Citation Index 195. First Indian author on a book on Phase Locked Loops, 27 (twenty seven) Research Projects, Best Research Paper Awards: K S Krishnan (twice), S K Mitra, M N Saha and J C Bose Memorial, Half a dozen of his students received URSI Young Scientist’s Award. National and International Conference Organizer, Session Chair (India & Abroad); Reviewers IEEE, IETE, etc. Aside presenting invited papers and chair sessions at the International Conferences held in India and abroad, he has organized about a dozen of national and international conferences in India.

Professor B N Biswas has done interesting and some pioneering works in the following fields: 1. Microwave-Multiplex Lightwave Systems; 2. Satellite Communications; 3. Microwave &Millimetre wave Signal Processing; 4. Digital Signal Processors; 5. Phase Lock Techniques; 6. Sub- harmonic & Ultra-harmonic Synchronization; 7. Locked Oscillator Amplifier Demodulators & Converters; 8. Optical Phase Locked Loop; 9. Active Microstrip Patch Antenna; 10. Optical Generation of and Millimetre wave Signal 11. Microwave Photonics. , Microwave Multiplexing of Optical Carriers, 12. Optical Demodulators 13.Statistical Linearization Techniques 14. Fokker-Planck Techniques, etc.

Professor Biswas was one of the members of the first International Advisory Committee on Microwave Photonics during the year 1995-1996, Japan

Professor B N Biswas has built up a sophisticated laboratory on Microwave Photonics at Burdwan University, the only one of its kind in India. Sophisticated equipment worth of about Rs 3.00 crores plus a grant of about 2.00 million USD from Ms Agilent (USA) through global competition.

At Burdwan University, Professor B N Biswas has established the following centres: Centre for M Tech course in Microwaves, Computer Centre, Computer Science, Instrumentation Centre, University Institute of Technology. He also initiated MCA course, introduced Electronics and Computer Science as one of subjects of studies at the graduate level.

He has given 50 years of rural academic service and various courses of study in electronics and computer science at the B Sc level with UGC’s approval and received social awards.